Tiling shower screed

At last a cost effective way to do a shower screed in double quick time so you can get on with waterproofing and tiling without waiting days.Rapid set tiling screed

• RLA Rapid Screed is a fast setting high build modified cementitous
screed for use with RLA/Atlas waterproofing membranes and tile
• The specially selected cements and polymers contained in
RLA Rapid Screed produces a fast setting underlayment with
exceptional adhesion to most prepared flooring materials. It can
be used for internal/ external applications but not for permanent
immersion (e.g. swimming pools). It is ideal for use in shower
bases to create correct falls, also suitable for use on balconies
as long as the correct falls are adhered to and covered with a
waterproofing membrane.
• It is suitable for concrete floors and fibre cement sheets.
Sub Floor Preparation:
• Sub floor must be free of oil, grease, wax, curing compounds,
dust, old adhesive and any other contaminations, which may
inhibit bond.
• Note- Concrete floors must be dry in accordance with
A.S.3958.1.2007 and have a wood float finish
• Where temperatures less than 1O°C or greater than 35°C are
encountered, contact our technical staff for specific advice

• Will depend on thickness, as a guide please refer to below table.
Thickness Approximate coverage per 20kg bag
15mm 1-1.5m2
25mm 0.75m2
50mm 0.35m2
100mm 0.175m
200mm 0.09m2

Working time
30 minutes @ 20°C
Drying / SetTime
2 hours @ 20°c
4 hours @ 20°C for waterproofing membrane
Final Set time
8 hours @ 20° C
15 mm to maximum of 200mm

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Tile Removal and Concrete Grinding

Hi Guys


I get asked this all the time, will you remove the existing tiles??

Till now the answer has been No! and specialist concrete companies do not seem to want to do it either so charge accordingly. It can be a very time consuming job and the right gear is needed for sure and it does not come cheap unless you want your home filled with dust.

So the guys at Western Bay Tiling will now give you a quote on uplifting your existing tiles and grinding the floor ready to receive your new flooring since taking the plunge and purchasing the correct gear required to reduce the mess and dust.

So go ahead and give Dean at Western Bay Tiling a call at 027 3239067 or over at their Website http://westernbaytiling.co.nz 

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CTA Tile Adhesive Review

Hi Guys


I have been using the CTA glue for a couple of weeks now and I am really impressed. First the Pro Mastik at a glance was Ardex X10 (that I hate)but only because of the lack of adhesion in my opinion. But the Pro Mastik was awesome because like the X10 it is non-slump so great for large format tiles but even better still the adhesion was top notch. Coverage was ok, I guess around 8m2 with a 10mm notch ( will do an accurate test ).

Now the raved about Proflex (C2S1) flexable floor adhesive. Talk about a Hybrid and I can see all the fine minds have come together on this one. At first mix is looks like any X52, ultraflex etc but lift the bucket and it is lightweight, some Custom Building Technology there I expect. After sitting ready for the second mix it aerates like Monoflex and if you didn’t know any better while laying the tiles you would swear it was Mono.

So all in all fantastic new products at a great price from Tile Depot, looking forward to trying the Grout tomorrow

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Tile Depot go with the the new kid on the block…CTA tile adhesives

I had the pleasure the other night to attend a trade night at Tile Depot Tauranga where Paul from CTA ( Construction Technologies Australia ) demonstrated and discussed their range of waterproofing, Primers, Compounds and Adhesives. Now these guys are relativly new to the scene but do not be fooled as they bring the knowledge of over 20yrs with the likes of Ardex, ASA and the technology of USA based Custom Building.

I was very impressed that they realised after testing in our climate that the adhesives acted differently from Auz, so they are continually tweaking their product to suit our conditions.

Thanks to Tile Depot for the following in their Trade Talk Newsletter April/May 2012

For a number of reasons and after a frustrating 18 months we have taken the decision to replace Kerakoll with the CTA range of adhesives in order to improve our product offer, pricing and availability. Pro Mastik Tile Adhesive

CTA is an Australian based company and in conjunction with Construction Chemicals we believe we will have the best of the Australian manufacturers with a combined range that is second to none.

The extra coverage they are able to achieve with their technology gives greater value for money than any of the European products we have examined and in the current market that is a very important feature.

CTA have been growing rapidly in Australia which in these difficult times is no mean feat and a clear indicator that they have got their act together. Not only can they supply orders very quickly which will see a big improvement in product availability but the senior management are also the owners of the business and as we have already found they are willing to listen and respond to local requirements.

The CTA management team are a very clever bunch of Aussies (they do exist) with an amazing mix of experience and product knowledge acquired through many years in the industry.

Through previous rolls with leading Australian adhesive manufacturers they had seen what has worked and what could be improved and took the bold step of building up their own operation.

Consider the guys from CTA to be like a super group, what the Travelling Wilburys did to music, they are doing to the adhesive industry. Their head honcho Troy Hogan was the former owner and managing director of ASA. With him calling the shots is Brendan Fouhy (a kiwi so only an honorary Aussie) who was the general manager of Ardex and Mark Crothers ex technical manager at ABA. The reamaining pieces of the puzzle include Colin Morrow, formerly Ardex and Construction Chemicals,Trevor Grindley former state manager of Ardex and Noel “the fountain of knowledge” Rajanayagam,ex general manager of ASA. Tile Depot

On this side of the Tasman they have Rowan Armour, formerly of Tile Accessories and 20 years in the industry and the crazy Scotsman Paul Hunter of Construction Chemicals fame.

They are very good people backed by very good product. Their company motto is “the answer is yes, now what is the question”.

Their flagship product is Proflex, a C2S1ET adhesive and the response has been outstanding. We used our Hamilton store as a guinea pig and the feedback on coverage, performance and ‘useability’ was incredibly positive. We are now rolling this out throughout our network and the introduction offer gives you 1 free bag with every 5 bags of Proflex you purchase. Get in touch with your local Tile Depot store for more information or to find out when this offer ends.

We will be growing the available range in our stores over time and they have some very impressive gear.


In the next few weeks Paul Hunter will be visiting each Tile Depot store with waterproofing courses.

Tile Depot Tauranga Recommends

Western Bay Tiling & X Factor Tiling for all your tiling requirements



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Shower Fix- A wonder product for grout sealing

Because the biscuit of all wall tiles and some floor tiles is porous ,which can lead to water staining and adhesion problems. We recommend the grout in all wet areas be sealed with Shower Fix to minimise the opportunity of water getting in behind the tiles.

SHOWER FIX is a silocane/solvent based material that penetrates deep into the groutand porous tiles, forming a water repellent barrier.

SHOWER FIX is not a coating,coatings fail if chipped or scratched and wear due to ordinary cleaning. Coatings need tobe reapplied constantly and once damaged are next to useless.

Tests conducted with a moisture metre show that no moisture passes through areas that have been sealed. A test site in a German Laboratory that was done over 28 years ago is still repelling water to this day… SHOWER FIX works!


• Clear and colourless • Simple and fast to apply • Allows grout and tiles to breathe

• Is not a coating, does not fail due to chips or scratches • Do not have to remove tiles.

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Tiled Showers

Wow it sure has been a few weeks of looking at failing tiled showers.

The reason exactly to get a referred or reputable tiler. There are a few out there undercutting prices dramaticly at the moment so make sure you get a detailed itemised quote. Most of us are pretty much the same cost wise and being that everything is square meters there are no hidden costs.Tiled Shower

So as a guide the costs you will be looking at are

  • Floor tiling                      $65/m2
  • Wall tiling                       $75/m2
  • Waterproofing               $65/m2
  • Tile trims supply & fit  $30/length
  • Shower screeds and laying the tiled shower base can vary up to $400/m2
  • Tile and Slate underlay for over timber floors, supply and fit       $50/m2

Ok so this is what you should be seeing. If you are looking at a quote of $40/m to lay tiles I would seriously be wondering about the quality of adhesive being used or why are they so cheap. Maybe one answer is they are just not very good.

Sorry about the babble but I am seeing to much of this and the only one getting substandard work is you and guess what, they just walk away and leave you with the problem.

Back to the showers. Lets start upstairs as it will be timber floor. Make sure floor is to covered with tile underlay ( a hardies compressed cement sheet product ).  I recommend not to go the level entry style shower but use a pre-formed base like a NEWLINE. Complete bathroom must be Waterproofed by a registered applicator with a dedicated undertile waterproofing system. Good ones are

Ground floor will be similar but most likley to be a concrete screeded level entry shower base. Not the greatest but done correctly will work just fine. The secret is that the sloping base under the tiles must protrude 50-100mm out further than where the shower door will be positioned therefore no possibility of water tracking back under your bathroom floor. The other option is to fit hobs that form a step around your shower for the screen to sit on and contain the water. I still recommend to waterproof the complete room although not regulation as yet but it will be as we move toward the Australian standard.


  • 2 quotes and compare. Too good to be true is probably right
  • Reaserch your tiler
  • Ask about the products they use and if a registered waterproofing applicator
  • What style of shower you want

All the best

We Recommend Western Bay Tiling for a professional quality finish


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